Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Cupcakes

Festive Holiday Cupcakes just in time for Christmas!

Wreaths, Christmas Trees, Snow Flakes, Holly Berries, and Santa Claus all done in butter cream!


Snow Flake

Santa Claus

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Golfer Birthday Cake

My father-in-law is an avid golfer, so when I was contemplating what he would be getting for his birthday this year I thought "What could be more special than to replicate him in fondant?" My husband wasn't so sure about this when I putted (ha ha) this idea to him, but he came around and gave me the thumbs up!

So I started off with the birthday man himself holding a golf club. I also made a hole & flag for the golf course and a dimpled golf ball (which is hard to see against the white Styrofoam.)

I baked a chocolate cake, and made some chocolate fudge frosting for the filling and for the sides. But since my theme was golfing, of course I covered the top in green butter cream, to create my putting green.

Outlining the green way...

And my favorite part, I added the grass with Wilton tip 233.

And for a finishing touch, added a green shell border.

Finally I placed my fondant pieces on the cake and we were ready to party!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cosmopolitan Birthday

Oh how I wish I could keep up with it all. Here it is, almost Christmas and all, and I am posting pictures of cakes I made in September! I think I've used this before, but "better late, than never!"

Well, I made my wonderful best friend a fabulous cosmo cake for her birthday! I baked a half sheet cake and cut out the martini glass shape, frosted with butter cream, and garnished with some fondant accent pieces. The pictures kind of speak for themselves, so enjoy!

Yellow cake from scratch! One of the nicest parts of sculpted cake, is getting to nibble on the "left overs." YUM!

Not quite finished decorating yet.

Fondant lime and sugared rim!
As her cake design was a surprise, all she told me was that she wanted "purple" on her cake somewhere. Since, the last time I checked, cosmo's are not purple, I had to sneak it in some where.

The birthday girl LOVED the cake!