Monday, August 17, 2009

Sunday Morning Brunch

Scones, Muffins & Bagels, Oh My!

So sue me, I'm a lover of carbs! I like bacon and eggs just as much as the next person, but my idea of the ultimate breakfast always includes bagels and baked goods! Some of my all time favorite treats are blueberry muffins and blueberry scones, and I love making them and serving them up warm anf fresh! And while I may not make the worlds best bagel, it is still pretty incredible, and I must say a home made bagel is worth all the effort!

Here are some pictures I have taken while making these wonderful brunch favorites, hopefully they will inspire you to get busy in the kitchen next weekend and treat yourself to a spectacular brunch!
Here is my blueberry scone dough log all ready to be cut up into the farmiliar triangular scone shape.
Here the scones have been cut, lightly brushed with melted butter, and sprinkled with a little sugar before going into the oven.

After baking in the oven, the scones cool on wire racks.
The best part, plating them up and serving them with a hot cup of coffee or tea!
Bagel dough in the Kitchenaid mixer...
Seperating the dough...
Continuing to seperate the dough, bagel shapes are starting to come along now...
Hmmm... All the Fun Bagel Accessories...Sesame Seeds...Poppy Seeds...Dried Onion
Here, as the sun rises, so do the bagels!
I can remember the first time I read my bagel recipe, how surprised I was to find out you actually boil the bagels before baking them in the oven.
These bagels have been boiled, decorated with delicious toppings and they're ready for the oven
Fresh Bagels! Do I need to say more, I think the picture speaks for itself.
Here are the blueberry muffins just before they receive their cumbly topping and enter the oven...
And here they are baking up nice and pretty! It's a shame I didn't capture any cute picture's of them after they cooled off, I think I was too tempted to top it with butter and devour them!